Coron Island Diving

DESTINATION: Coron, Busuanga Island, Palawan

RESORT: Asia Grand View Hotel / Coron Reef Divers: Swiss owned and managed.

GUESTS: Mainly International guests as singles, couples, and groups.

HOW TO GET THERE: Coron is just 30 minutes from Busuanga Airport. Busuanga is approximately one hour flight time from Manila.

WHEN TO GO: All year round diving destination. May – November are the warmest months with some rain but generally calmer seas.  December – April is the busiest time in Coron.

WHAT TO WEAR: Water temperature is generally 27- 29 degrees year round. We recommend a 3mm wet suit though a 5mm semi-dry wetsuit might be the choice for those who feel the cold.

TYPE OF DIVING: Predominantly Wreck diving though there are some nice reefs and unique dives at Barracuda Lake and Cathedral Cave.

DIVING LOGISTICS: Generally 2 scheduled boat departures each day  2 or 3 tank trip to wrecks and single dive to nearby reefs. Dive boats depart from Pier in nearby Coron Town.  All wrecks have fixed descent and ascent lines.

WHAT TO SEE: Great diving experiences in Coron!

There are ten Japanese WW2 wrecks near Coron Town, 3 are small gunboats lying in shallow water and 7 much larger cargo boats and a sea plane tender in deeper waters.  The wrecks are all at varying depths and range in suitability from OWC certified divers to Wreck Specialty divers.

Smaller boats are in approx 3 – 12m depths and the larger boats have access from 12m – 40m.  The wrecks are mostly intact, some are on their sides and some lying upright.  In the main they have been stripped of artifacts but are very impressive sights and provide memorable diving.  Visibility can vary from 5m – 30m plus at various times.  Generally they have little current though the large Okikawu Maru (sometimes called Taei Maru) is often washed by strong currents in the afternoons.

The wrecks are effectively artificial reefs and are host to incredible amounts of marine life including scorpion, stone and lion fish, small ghost pipefish, batfish, groupers, red bass, mackerel, rainbow runners and some very large schools of jacks.

Coron also has nice reefs which are home to interesting species including mandarin-fish, sea-horses and giant clams.

Barracuda Lake is truly a unique experience where guests dive in a lake that has mixed freshwater and sea water with three distinct temperature zones in the water – you can see visible thermoclines as you swim around the lunar looking rocks.  Depths of 5m – 30m.

Cathedral cave is accessible under calm sea conditions; divers follow a short narrow tunnel from an outer cliff, at a depth of approximately 10m, that brings them into a huge cavern in which it is possible to surface and admire the high cave ceiling above complete with swifts and bats flying overhead.

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