Dumaguete Diving

DESTINATION: Dauin & Dumaguete, Negros Island

RESORT: Atmosphere Resorts & Spa (Trip Advisor Travelers Choice 2016).  British owned and managed. 

Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort ((Trip Advisor Travelers Choice 2016). Swiss owned and managed.

GUESTS: Atmosphere: Primarily International divers in couples and families. 

Pura Vida: Mainly European guests as singles, couples and groups.

HOW TO GET THERE: Both Resorts are approximately 35 mins raod transfer from Dumaguete Airport or Pier.  Flight time from Manila is 1 h approximately 1 hr 10 mins (6 daily flights), Flight time from from Cebu City is 30 mins (5 weekly flights). The regular transfer is 4-5 hours boat and road transfer from Cebu City.

WHEN TO GO: All year round diving destination.  November – May is the most popular time to visit, it is dry season with warm air temperatures and some light winds. June to October is rainy season and can be quite hot BUT usually the sea is very calm at this time of year and visibility is at its best.

WHAT TO WEAR: Water temperature is generally 27- 30 degrees. Jan – Feb it can drop to 24 degrees. We recommend a 3mm wet suit though a 5mm semi-dry wetsuit might be the choice for those who feel the cold.

TYPE OF DIVING: : Dauin coastline is primarily muck and reef diving with gentle to moderate current on shallow slopes  Apo island has both reef and wall diving and often at a good pace on a drift. Dauin is an ideal destination for novices, beginners and experience divers alike.

DIVING LOGISTICS: Generally 4 scheduled boat dives each day (1 or 2 tank trips), frequent day trips to Apo island available, beach entry diving for House Reef at both Resorts, approx 30 dive sites in the area. 

WHAT TO SEE: Arguably the best macro destination in the Philippines and especially popular with photographers.

Marine life on the reefs along the Dauin coastline include: Blue-ringed octopus, hairy frogfish, pygmy seahorse, ambon scorpionfish, mandarinfish, orangutan crab, mimic octopus, ribbon eel, ornate ghost pipefish, halimeda crab, flamboyant cuttlefish, nudibranchs, wonderpus, velvet ghost pipefish, thorny seahorse, stargazer, leaf fish, harlequin shrimp, squat lobster, sargassum fish, jawfish, mantis shrimp, giant frogfish, candy crab.

Apo Island has pristine corals and larger fish and marine species including: many green and leatherback turtles, schools of big eyed trevallies/jacks, barracudas, bumphead parrotfish, lots of colorful reef fish and beautiful black and white sea snakes. Occasionally larger pelagics are seen passing in the deeper blue.

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